The Quilted Heart & More opened in January of 2010. As an avid quilter for over 30 years, I decided it was time to take my knowledge and experience to the next level having realized “there is no better time than the present”. The Quilted Heart is a longarm quilting service operating out of a quaint shop in Historic Downtown Wyandotte, Michigan.

Long Arm Quilt MachineFor my longarm quilting, I work on a Gammill® Optimum Plus machine equipped with Statler Stitcher®, a computer software program that can stitch almost any design. The Gammill®, Statler Stitcher® combination can quilt an intricate pattern onto a king-size quilt in a matter of hours. This particular system can determine the pattern size, block size, stitches per inch and the pattern repetition, as well as the offset of the pattern.

You can visit The Quilted Heart & More storefront to see this dynamic machine in action and observe first hand the beautiful results of first rate longarm quilting.

My passion for needle and thread of all sorts comes from the strong history of the fabric arts in my family. My great influences were my mother, Eileen DeLucia, my Great Great Aunts Liz Lane, Francis McTavish and my Grandma Betty Pilon. These talented women worked on looms, as seamstresses, they knitted hats and gloves for family gifts and charity. The beautiful creations had a great impact on my own creative path.

Over the past 35 years I have hand crafted costumes for my children, for every event from Halloween to school plays. I have acted as seamstress for my friends and family, always with the greatest satisfaction.

Folk Art is another of my passions. I have been a participant and organizer of many craft shows over the years.

My passion for the medium of fabric arts has been lovingly passed down to my daughter Jessica who is mentally handicapped. Jessica has learned to quilt, sew and crochet. She creates beautiful baby quilts, hand crafted pillows, baby bibs, as well as yo-yo quilts, table runners and doilies. Jessica’s art and crafts are on display and for sale at The Quilted Heart & More.

My love for quilting has inspired me to begin the Quilted Heart & More. It is my greatest aspiration to help my fellow quilters finish their projects.  I understand the dedication, time and effort that is put into the creation of a quilt and I will strive to give each and every quilt I work on the care and attention they deserve.